The 3C METHOD gives you the Clarity, Confidence and Accountability to Pursue Your Life On Purpose


What my 1:1 clients say:


Are you:

  • SUPER passionate and typically high-energy but feel STUCK about next steps in your career?

  • TAKING ON passion projects but not able to make enough time for and money from them?

  • AWARE that you have HUGE potential to live in financial and creative abundance but not sure whats in the way?

I get it. I’ve been there too and I’ve got a plan for you.

The 3C METHOD is an empowering 90-Day Program to reveal & instill the Clarity, Confidence & Consistency in taking action towards your life’s purpose.


Here’s how the 3C METHOD works:



In Month 1-2, let’s get clear on what you want, why you want it and where you are now. We’ll cover:

  • Vision - What’s your dream life look like?

  • Core Values - What’s most important to you? (FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW!)

  • ‘Star Heart Money Making’ - What money-making tasks will align you with your long-term vision?

  • Time Mastery - Where are you spending your time

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    In Month 2 we’ll reveal what blocks you have in creating the abundance you desire. We’ll cover:

    • Your Money Story - The deep-seeded beliefs that we’ll reframe to create new money mantras to attract wealth

    • Affirmation Creation - The script to empower you everyday

    • Celebration - For when you win along the way!


    Month 2-3 is all about taking massive action, accountability and having fun when you hit your benchmarks!

    • ‘Quick Quit’ - Setting mini benchmarks for success

    • Reflection - On what’s working and why

    • Check-ins to hold you accountable along the way


    Alison Tugwell is an Austin-based certified professional life coach who partners with multipassionate pursuers, aka ‘polyamas’ to achieve their ambitions with clarity, confidence, and joy!

    Her work has been featured by CBS Austin, Huff Post, Thrive Global + more.

    Got Q’s? I got A’s. Straight A’s, but who’s counting?

    Email me <alison@polyamaproject.com>