It was a year ago that I bought the domain name... and started a Tumblr, since I didn't have a site yet. 

Here's what I wrote:


So what’s done first when you got a thing and a thought?

A domain name. But no, that’s actually second. The first thing is a name….

A name for a platform for multipassionate people to share resources and talk about their respective passions and expertise…

Polyinterested, Polypassionate, Multipassionista…(taken, and an interesting side story told at another time)…

Polyama? I wasn’t sold and it’s in the works, so I started an Evernote folder called Polyama Project.

I like poly ‘cause it means "many" and it’s a riff off of the name “Polyanna” whose origins come from a character from an Eleanore Porter novel from the 1900′s and had come to be synonymous with “irrepressible optimism evident in the face of even the most adverse or discouraging of circumstances.”

I like this. Indefatiguable. Like my most favorite successful people.

It also sounds like a warehouse party that polyamorous couples go to get away from their yuppie couple-friends and families on weekends who don’t understand/know about their alternative lifestyle. I’m ok with that. At least it’s interesting…

And written in cursive, the two humps of the ‘m" are written like two n’s paying further homage to the nomenclature.

And like most things that get started at all, it was the best thing I could think of and I bought the domain for $11.99 (and did not pay extra for security).

Bluehost was cheaper than Squarespace to host the domain (SS was $20).

And here's how I set up the rest of my website for less than $20 and 5 hours:

Cost: $17.10 ($12 to buy/map on Bluehost & $5 for Squarespace to host and $.10 for the bid for Google Adwords)

Time: 4.5 hours

1. Walked through annoying step by step process and FINALLY got the domain name for Bluehost to direct me to “Polyama Project.” (I followed Squarespace’s Step-by-Step Directions here.)

3. Signed up for Google Analytics account 

4. Put the UA number in there so it syncs up with your site.

5. Put in a bunch of keyword search terms in the keyword planner like “creative entrepreneur, multi-passionate, many interests, finding my one true calling,” etc. (this is a slim number of people actually googling that, apparently)

6. Put the bid at $.10 

7. Tried to frantically look for a 100 dollar discount for Google Adwords with 0 success. 

8. Put my credit card number in 

9. Walked away from the monitor confused about what just happened / what I just did / how much Google was actually going to charge me.

10. Chugged a bunch of water. 

11. Changed out of my pajamas. 

--That's where it ended. A year ago. And like the sites of those I googled to see if the multipassionate domain names were taken, the sites were there. With awkwardly misplaced icons and little pixelated buttons that were like windows built on interior walls. They went nowhere. Just one more project that this creative person tried to launch but just let it decay in cyberspace. Well, Polyama Project isn't going to be one of those things... and I'm gonna get meta, ('cause meta is 'betta') so get ready. I'm gonna launch my first online workshop in 100 days and I'm gonna take notes along the way. 'Cause my workshop's gonna teach you how to 'do your thing' in due time too and "FINISH HIM."