Toya Devasya - "The Most Enjoyable Soaking Pool" - Bali, Indonesia

Toya Devasya - "The Most Enjoyable Soaking Pool" - Bali, Indonesia

I was terrified I was going to sprain my ankle. 

The terrain and sand yielded beneath my foot and already my Nikes and socks were filled with soot.

As tough of a climb on the way up in the dark, compared to scaling down this volcano? It was a walk in the park!

I dug my heels and hugged my abs, and put T. Swift on blast,

And soon I was sand-dancing and debris-skiing fast--past all the tourists, having a blast!

As the trail leveled into the Balinese jungle, my companions and I didn’t slow our pace,

we raced through and hopped over gnarled roots and I tried not to think about ending up on my face.

At the trail’s end we were high on the smell of tropical dirt, bruised, and laughing in hysteria.

First ones off the summit—GO TEAM ‘MERICA!

Team 'Merica at the top. Possibly my most favorite snapshot, ever.

Team 'Merica at the top. Possibly my most favorite snapshot, ever.

The soreness set in as we got back to our car, and our driver’s suggestion to head to the hot springs would be the best by far.

After the entry fee of 180,000 rupiahs, equal to 13.5 USD, we opened the gates to the most beautiful place I will probably ever see.

Jewel-toned mosaic paths led to gardens and pools, purple elephants donning flower crowns since 'before they were cool'...

Their lilac trunks sprayed warm freshwater into mineral baths, and my words couldn’t describe the view were I Sylvia Plath...

The pool of infinity kissed Lake Batur beneath her namesake volcano which we had just toured.

Though we were closer to the sky at the top at sunrise, here was my hot, healing Heaven, every muscle revitalized.

I drank in the moments, luxuriated in the space, knowing in a few short hours I’d be leaving this place.

But what’s wonderful is knowing I can access this anytime...I can create the serenity inside my mind.

See our thoughts are forces of nature as well.

They can churn and burn like sulfur they can snowball and swell.

Treat your body and mind kindly and be sure to check in,

and speak to yourself the way you’d address your best friend.

Give yourself action, and romance, and flowers and rest,

And you will love yourself enough to be at your best.

See you don’t have to stumble into Heaven to go to heal,

you can create the space inside you to feel the way you want to feel.

Sure, minerals and meditation alone won’t mend bones that break,

But the vast majority of your experience is a choice that you make.

So I go to heal every morning before the sun crests

I clear a serene space in my mind where my thoughts can rest

There’s no purple elephants there or volcanic streams,

but I’ll save that excitement for my wildest dreams.

Toya Devasya Alison Bali