By the time December hits, only nine percent of people who set New Years resolutions report feeling successful in attaining their goal (Statistic Brain Research Institute)

However, you can win the year STARTING NOW with these 5 W’s--no matter when the year ends!

See the full segment on CBS Austin below:

1. WHERE are you now?

Check in with yourself. Take some space and be honest with where you are with your goal. If you haven’t made it tangible, create it via a SMART goal—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relavant and Time-Bound.

2. WHY do you want this goal?

To make an impact in the lives of others? To look better in yoga pants? How does it align with your CORE VALUES? Write it down on your WHY card and put it where you can see it everyday--mine is on the front of my laptop!

3. WHAT NOW – What really needs to shift to make this a reality?

Drop other activities that don’t align as closely. How often will I be checking in with myself and what are my benchmarks for success? Write these down too!

4. WINS!

Make a list of all the fun things that you’ll do when you hit your benchmarks. Get whatever you need – like dance shoes or a suitcase – for when you inevitably hit those benchmarks.

5. WHO is keeping you accountable?  

Recruit someone who cares about you – a coach or friend and send them a recurring calendar invite with your goal as the name.

What are your favorite tips to keep on track with your goals?