Best 9 Blog Posts

You’re curious about polyamory … er, I mean What a ‘polyama’ is, What a Life Coach is (And How to Find One), Taking Epic Action, and never quitting on yourself.

This past year was an epic one for my first year in business. In 2018, I grew my email list by 64%, increased my unique website visits 57%, and my overall visits and page views increased 34% and 45%, respectively.

Why? I wrote more, I listened to and expressed myself more, and I did all of the above more consistently. I fully intend on creating more impact for polyamas, and more specifically, my multipassionate authors out there in 2019.

But I can’t get there without listening to YOU, the readers. So in true FOMO fashion, I paid homage to the ‘Best 9’ posts on Instagram by posting my Best 9 Blog Posts of 2018. Here’s to kicking ass and asking the tough Q’s of yourself for 2019!