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20 Epic Actions Plan for Your Most Fearless Year Yet

Me atop a very Enchanted Rock

Me atop a very Enchanted Rock

Don’t let your life be the worst case scenario! Here’s your ‘take action plan’ for the next 90 days.

“‘The worst case scenario is that I lose all that money.’ And I said, "Nope … the worst-case scenario isn't that you lose ten thousand dollars. The worst-case scenario is that you leave that ten thousand dollars in and cost yourself fifty thousand dollars that you could have created with that money as an investment ... That's way worse than losing it, right? The worst-case scenario is that you could have quadrupled it and you didn't give yourself a chance.

-Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School Podcast, Episode #194  

Losing your baggage? The worst suitcase scenario.

Losing out on an opportunity to live your life in a way that makes the story worth telling?

I invite you to consider that as the worst case scenario and move beyond the fear to create a 20 epic actions plan towards your most audacious goal to date. Keep reading for the how-to!

When human potential coach, Melanie Weinberger finished school for personal training, she emerged with zero desire to train people on their fitness goals and $3K down the drain.

Is this not the biggest fear and worst case scenario for anyone investing in a program designed to help them excel in their career?

Thankfully, Melanie is a natural connector and she found that matchmaking trainers with the people who wanted them was fulfilling and a lucrative opportunity. FitSteady was born and it was the first profitable business she ever launched. She recouped her investment 8X over and gave her the confidence and capital to pursue her next entrepreneurial venture.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the *what could happen* we don’t that we forget about the opportunity cost of NOT taking action. Then we’re sitting around in the yoga pants we slept in from last night eating cheerios out of the box and social scrolling seeing shit pop up from a book launch event and the smiling face of someone in your network with the caption #GRATITUDE 🤗🤗🤗 or what I like to call the fondle-moji.

And we feel that burn in our low belly, yep, that’s what I call ‘friendvy’ and FRIEEEND it’s SO REAL.

But once we put our thoughts down on paper, we realize that a) they’re not really as bad as we thought and b) the probability of the worst case scenario ACTUALLY happening is actually infinitely smaller than the chance that even if it doesn’t work out the way you want, something awesome emerges.

So in the exercise below we’re going to literally give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

I presented this concept this week on a panel and breakout exercise with three women that I deeply admire to talk about goal-planning for 2019.

Full house for the Ladies Lounge Ready, Set, Goal! Event sponsored by YouEarnedIt and General Assembly

Full house for the Ladies Lounge Ready, Set, Goal! Event sponsored by YouEarnedIt and General Assembly

Now, goal-planning tactics aren’t new for me by any means, but I wanted to do something a little different this time. I wanted to address the ‘worst case scenario’ that it doesn’t come true and DISEMPOWER that thought.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Write down the biggest scariest goal you can imagine accomplishing.

  2. Now write down all the reasons you COULD FAIL

  3. Now, imagine a person that COULD or HAS accomplished this goal, what thoughts and actions do they take?

  4. Who do YOU need to be to accomplish this goal?

Extra credit - Write The Script

Now, write down 20 Epic Actions (free download below) you can take this upcoming quarter to lead you closer to this upcoming goal alongside the result of the action taken. If you review this every quarter, I guarantee you’ll be closer to this goal than when you started.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all set goals we haven’t achieved for one reason or another. But even when you didn’t ‘get there’, weren’t you better than before just by the work you DID put towards it? What did you learn about yourself in the process?

(That you don’t want to live in a world without cheese plates totally counts.)

Your failures are where your juiciest essence emerges--in how you choose to respond. NOW GO OUT THERE AND KICK THIS QUARTER’S BOOTY, BABY.



Follow the Fear


I felt that sting in my nostrils. I squish my nose.  It's like a fire right before my flood of tears extinguish it. 

I didn’t expect it, nor could I detect it even when at my Women’s Group, someone brought up the thought:

“What were you afraid of as kid?”

My mind first trailed to the negative knee-jerk self-talk I was trying to rid.

“I’m so stupid I say when I make a wrong turn, leave the house while a candle still burns, or any number of any non-intelligence related concerns. 

Where does that come from? I need to go further back…

To a classroom. 2nd grade. Where I sat in the back. My 8-year old mind was so noisy with asks—I wanted to know everything! always! right now! My poor teacher probably struggled to stay on task.

One day, I arrived at school and she announced a new rule:

“Alison may only ask 3 questions per day.” If this was a joke, it was certainly cruel.

But no, a construction paper pocket to the wall was affixed. And ironically inside 3 tongue depressors— these would be my "Question Sticks." 

I was so humiliated, but was consumed by the thought: now I had to ask the other kids my queries and how the heck would I know if they were right or not? It felt so powerful to have the answers—to be the one that KNOWS. How would I get smarter? How would I grow?

I survived 2nd grade, made A’s and eventually got a degree. I changed careers from fashion to marketing, considered an MBA, but WHY when Google is free? I took speed-reading classes to get up to speed, consuming books, TedTalks, the bible of Fast Company

I did some self-exploration in that time too, and that’s when Polyama Project was born—which brings me to you.

I want to be an expert in multi-passionate people like you. I want to know everything about how I can help them DO. 

I want there to be more Leonardo Da Vinci's, Benjamin Franklins, Andy Warhols, and JLO’s. The accomplished gems that when the sun hits their facets, it’s a fricken light show.

And then I asked myself something—whats stopping me today?

"I don’t know enough. I’m not mentally tough."

I went deeper into that fray...

If had all the time and money in the world, what would I do to feel that I was doing this the right way…MY WAY? 

To help others find thier fullest potential, there had to be some rules...I would educate myself and learn the tools.

And that’s when I made the decision to go to certified coaching school.

This past weekend I started iPEC training, and learning what can't be taught online or on a shelf. I’ll be incorporating this into my writing and courses, and facilitating on a level that I could not have attained by myself. 

I can’t wait to share the insights that are revealed as I progress through.

Now, when it comes to getting curious around your fear, what questions ‘stick’ for you?