I believe a multitalented person has more to give the world. And when you love all your gifts enough to give them away, you are a Polyama.

A Polyama is pure love—she hungers and desires to know more of herself and others deeply.

A Polyama's multifaceted life has more edges, but instead of cutting others, she cuts herself more.

But a Polyama is thick-skinned. She has more lives than a cat, more stamina than a steed.

Her laugh chimes like church bells, echoing, filling joy into the hearts of all.

When she speaks she is bilingual. She has words for things and concepts that no language fully describes. She makes up her own words, her own dance. She hears music that isn’t playing because she is the music and she plays.

She can believe things into existence but she believes she is not special--anyone can choose to love as much as she.

She holds herself to the only comparison she can — to herself.

She is discerning, but not judging.

She is whimsical, but aware.

She whispers, yells, and prays, she expresses until there is little left. But she always repletes herself.

A Polyama knows she has the capability to fulfill the desires within...

in a way, they are already fulfilled.

She is distracted and reminded. She pushes and pulls. She attracts others but repels where it feels right.

She is a seeker but understands that sometimes the adventure to find is where the purpose lies.

She lives a little dangerously, madly, magically, and surrounds herself with people that make her feel MORE her. She need not alter what she says or give less to please or to not scare. She trusts the space inside her head, heart, and abdomen.

A Polyama is not her work, not her hapless, random thoughts, but her choices, intentions, her most central desires, her joy, her passion, her attention, the high-level energy she radiates.

She raises the light and shines, shines, shines, in all directions.