Hi, I'm Alison, a certified coach and content marketer. I specialize in working with passionate creatives to finish their projects with clarity, focus, and joy. I love salt on my sweets, word play, and Spotify playlists for every occasion and ex-boyfriend.

So, what's most on your mind?

"What's a polyama and how do I know if I'm one?"

A polyama is simply-put, a multipassionate persuer. The compound term comes from the words poly, meaning "many" and ama, short for amateur, which in english means a beginner of something and in French, means a "lover of." Polyamas are lifetime learners which means they are constantly starting. Want to know if you're a polyama? Take the quiz!

"I've got awesome ideas, but I'm lacking focus. HELP!"

Perhaps putting your ideas to the page could be helpful finding the next step. My 5 Days of Focus Challenge will help you make space to write. Put it into practice, and it's like mindset adderall without the crash.

"I am going through a big trasition and would LOVE some clarity on my next steps."

OMG! How exciting! And maybe a lil terrifying? Book a 30 minute call with me here. First call's free!

"I'm working on a project that I'm DYING to finish. How do I finally get it done?"

I got you, hun. Sign up for Text Best Thing–it's a text messaging service that sends you personalized texts (from moi) to get your projects DONE in 14 days.

"I'm curious about coaching–it's kinda like therapy right? How do I know if it is right for me?"

Reading or listening to this blog post will give you some clarity about coaching vs. service-based modalities like therapy, consulting, mentorship, etc.

Image credit:  @ohhhchelsea

Image credit: @ohhhchelsea

"I am so incredibly excited about the trajectory that you’ve put me on. Working with you has been an absolute privilege. You are so wonderful at what you do!"

-Chelsea Francis, Chelsea Laine Francis Photography


Does the life you’re manifesting stay resting above your desk?

Do you have back burner plans that burn and yearn to be front and center?

You got the love for a big, abundant life. Perhaps you need a guide to clarify and simplify and an accountability partner that will work with you to make a plan to make it happen.

Unless your dream’s a cheeseburger, we’re gonna get it damn-well done